Founder's Story

Sourcing, Onboarding, and managing technology talent beyond borders at the right price has always been a challenge for companies all over the world. We know it the best since that is all our team has done for the past decade and a half - Selling and Delivering IT projects.

However in 2019, when parents of an infant decided to start their own company to empower businesses to onboard IT workforce globally, they figured out a "plug-&-play model" to help companies expand internationally and manage their technology workforce at local costs!!

Sainyam’s founders also believe that this company is set to define the 'future of work’ by Empowering ‘Global Technology Talent’ with the right skills to enhance their Global Employability and in turn get hired by the businesses around the world at the right price.

Never before, have aspects like “Incentivised Job Portal” and "peer-to-peer" interviews and assessments been introduced and practiced in the IT recruitment space.

Our expertise and experience around “Industry Best Practices” globally for Payroll, Compliance and Benefits makes Partnering with us a No-Brainer. As we can get you set up quickly—in as little as a few days—so that you can get on your feet building technology to make this world a better place!

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Our Offerings

EoR (Employer Of Record)

We Help businesses Worldwide Source, On-Board , Manage and Pay International Technology Workforce at Local Costs for a Flat-Fee.

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Global Talent Pool

World’s First ever ‘rewarding resume builder’ that pays talent from around the world to be a part of our Global Talent Pool

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Learning System for Global Employability

Learn the skills that make you ready to be employed globally beyond borders (Coming Soon)

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